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     Join the Humane Society of Charles County as they demonstrate their new fast paced exciting lure chasing course aimed at letting a dog be a dog.  This is a controlled environment where your dog can let their instinctual behavior take over and not get in trouble!  Let your dog give it a try or watch as other dog’s race the course. Each dog participant will be able to run the course at their own pace.  An entry fee of $10.00 is requested to run the course.  All proceeds will benefit the Humane Society of Charles County and a tax receipt can be furnished upon request. 

What is Lure Chasing?

     Lure chasing is a sport for dogs that involves chasing a mechanically operated lure around a large fenced in area.  Most dogs are natural chasers and love the chance to run and chase something.  Lure Chasing uses an artificial lure that is made to look like something exciting is running from your dog!  The lure is dragged across the ground at a high rate of speed (or slow) depending on your dog, with a set number or turns and changes in direction to simulate the movements of a live animal or “game.”  Don’t think that your wee little dog wont chase… some of the best chasers have been Chihuahuas!  Stop by and give it a try and help the Humane Society of Charles County.